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We don't chase the Google algorithm

We do metric based content creation for success over the long term

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Do you know what Search Engine Optimization is? If you do know what this phrase means, you are better off than most people who are trying to advertise their business. (it also means that we need to come up with new acronyms and terms to make us relevant) 

If you don’t know, then check your inbox because I am sure you have received an email or two from SEO "experts" who were nice enough to do an audit for your site. (it really is sweet of them)

So what exactly is search engine optimization or SEO?  The goal of an SEO is to make a business or website relevant in the eyes of different search engines so that your site shows up on the FREE side of Google. Unfortunately in order to show up on the FREE side you usually have to pay money.

                                                    Not all SEO Companies are Equal

The internet is the wild, wild west.  Google and other search engines try their darndest to govern, but unfortunately their hands are really tied when it comes to firms that say they offer various digital products. And of all the digital products SEO is usually the one digital offering that is abused the most. Sooooooo we do things a little different.

At PopClickle our SEO is designed to be fully transparent. We give you access to a reporting module that you can check out at ANY time. We also give you access to our internal CRM so that you can see the work we have planned to do that month and what work we have already done. What that means is we don't control the reporting or the various tasks that we do, we give you immediate access so that you can take a peak BEHIND the mysterious curtain that is SEO.

We also set expectations that make sense to YOU the business owner, and find ways to make your investment work for you and your business.

What we are getting at is.....if you need SEO give us a call. 

We want to hear from YOU!

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