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Legionary soldier ready for a warThe world of digital marketing is filled with bands of marauders set out to rape and pillage the internet, websites, business owners and the public in general. Now that may be a BIT dramatic, but unfortunately there is an element of truth behind that statement. The internet is filled with people who may not have your best interest at heart and there are a few individuals and/or companies for that matter who may capitalize on your assumed lack of knowledge of internet marketing.There was a brilliant article that I read earlier this week by Joshua Steimle entitled, "Why You Should Never Micromanage Your SEO Firm" in my opinion it was a spot-on piece on really the dark-side of being an SEO. There were many points brought up that I shook my head in agreement to, but there was one particular point that Joshua brought up that really hit home. It was an almost throwaway comment, but it's one that I feel is really important in today's world.
"If your tone is accusatory, then you run the risk of damaging the relationship.They might be doing a great job on everything, but perhaps they aren't communicating as well as they could."
When I read this particular sentence I didn't necessarily think of SEO. I thought more about emails and overall communication with your team and clients. In my years of marketing I have unfortunately seen many relationships sour over an email being misread or misinterpreted. Not necessarily by me dear readers, but by colleagues or people that I worked with.  However I am personally guilty of giving our own beloved Jonny the business just this last week for him misreading an email that in hindsight really wasn't that clear. (though he should have still understood what I meant)Jonny-BrandenburgWe are more connected with one another now, than ever before. We have the ability (and expectation) to get immediate responses whether by email, SMS, instant messenger, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, Twitter, etc. oh and maybe an actual phone call. Because we now have this expectation of immediate response, I feel that people are not giving the full response or even the right response. We are too busy making sure we get something off of our plate as opposed to making sure the information we give is correct.At least 10 times a day I get an email from a gmail address that states that either my site or a customers site is not optimized and that the aforementioned site is going to get banned from Google and the world MAY end. The emails always look the same and they are usually wrong. BUT, these emails cause doubt, regardless of their validity they cause issues. Normally this is where I  would quote a movie of some sort (probably Star Wars) to make a point about the mistrust of the internet and how it effects people trying to do the right thing, but alas my brain is too foggy to want to connect dots at the moment.Unfortunately the internet is filled with negativity and deception which is why a human element is so crucial. In a world where communication is so vast the human element has become lost. Face to face meetings are a thing of the past for most internet companies. If you cannot properly communicate via email or phone then its in your best interest to find a way where you can communicate so that your message is properly heard. Granted there will always be miscommunications. (Jonny REALLY needs to learn how to read emails) but it's our job to make sure we are proactive about miscommunications so that we can be properly understood and trusted so that we never have to say, "I find your lack of faith disturbing" (I WAS able to squeeze in that Star Wars reference).
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