Remember that one time Woody Allen was James Bond?

You don't? My, my. That's probably because the original film adaptation of Ian Fleming's novel, Casino Royale was a critical flop never accepted by the 007-loving public, after multiple James Bond films had already nailed down the brand's image and style. But, because ONE MAN outside the creative forces that boldly unleashed a silver screen marketing juggernaut onto an appreciative audience also had legal rights to release his own film using the character's name, this directionless mish-mash of wacky humour and innuendo that will be forever left out of all 007 box sets on the shelves of your local Best Buy(Ok, ok, Amazon...probably the used section) technically does exist as a James Bond film(and to be more contemporary I should have ditched the shelf of the big box store or retail website shopping analogy altogether and replaced it with YouTube search or Torrent Search). This film had the aforementioned Allen and the brilliant Peter Sellers in their comedic prime. It also featured heavy-hitters in the dramatis personae of William Holden and Orson Welles. Not to mention a bevy of gorgeous femme fatales and an Academy Award-winning soundtrack by Burt Bacharach. No one cares. Because it's a misrepresentation. It doesn't hold up. There's no integrity or cohesiveness holding it together. Just like a businesses with no web presence due to poor SEO practices. You see it in Youtube videos that are supposedly instructional “how-to” guides with click-baiting titles like “The SECRETS of ________ revealed! What THEY don't want you to know!” Inevitably, these videos drag on with filler talk and an uncomfortable whiteboard presentation that isn't informative in the least. People catch on that they're being goaded into visiting another website. They feel cheated, and the ability to leave comments on these videos gets disabled as more negative feedback appears from disgruntled viewers. Other businesses claim to be the “best Italian restaurant in Chicago” when what they have is a specialized menu at a small kitchen in the suburbs. If they focused on the fact that they have an unbeatable Chicken Vesuvio that you don't have to drive into the city for, they'd be killing it in local SEO. Don't fall into the trap of doing something disingenuous to get noticed. Customers will catch on and so will Google, and you risk being ignored. Even if Ursula Andress in 1967 was more tempting  as Vesper Lynd than Eva Green could ever be.